10 Years Strong-Big Pete's and Airfield Supply Co.

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Big Pete's 10yrs Strong!

10 Years Strong: Big Pete’s Decade of Cookie Dough

Santa Cruz is practically synonymous with cannabis. Kind bud, the sticky icky, that fire—whatever you call it, weed is central to our culture. Big Pete’s Treats is proud to be founded in this fun little surf town where the redwoods meet the sea. Cannabis and its community have had a home for decades in this quirky county, due to the beautiful weather, the ideal growing conditions, and the wonderful people.

10 years ago, Big Pete took a lifelong passion for sharing cannabis with his friends and turned it into a family business. During this past decade, it’s been a wild ride full of fun times. We’ve met so many people in this industry whom we admire! From Cheech Marin to B Real, it’s been unreal meeting our hemp heroes. We have thoroughly enjoyed this exciting opportunity to grow our network of friends and colleagues in cannabis.

As we look back, it’s fun to remember some of the milestones of progress and to see how they relate to today’s state of the industry. First of all, we have to give thanks to the innovators of cannabis butter. Big Pete believes in tried and true methods, and he attended Oaksterdam University early on to learn from the best butter making heads, back in the beginning of the medical marijuana movement. He also wanted the cookies to taste like the ones Grandma made, and these two things remain essential today.

Another thing we realized early on was that making smaller cookies was going to be helpful for people to find the right dose. It’s so important with edibles that you have a good sense of what your tolerance level is, because it can take a little while for the effects to kick in. Berner still tells the story of one of his homies who underestimated the power of the cookies and ended up going to sleep earlier than he had planned, lol.

Every year, we have grown and improved our operations and products. In 2015, we rebranded and developed our new look. Since then, we have expanded our kitchen and increased our warehouse space. Part of the fun of building a brand is seeing the pieces come together after the designs we dream up and watching them turn into reality. Slowly and surely the growth has been organic and steady until we became the best-selling baked edible in California, last year.

We have been working with the great folks at Airfield Supply since the beginning, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our cookies with the wonderful people of Santa Clara County.