Best Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, Ever!

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Rollo Melted Cookies

Secret Rolo Melt Technique

The key to this insanely delicious cookie sandwich starts with melting a single Rolo chocolate covered caramel on the bottom of each cookie. Heat slowly in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit until the caramels melt. This will make the cookies nice and hot and will make the ice cream melt.

Melted Rolo Cinnamon Sugar Cannabis Infused Cookie

Your Favorite Ice Cream

The caramel goes really well with the Cinnamon Sugar cookies and we think that whatever ice cream you want will make your best version of this treat. We used a Chocolate Ice Cream loaded with chocolate covered pretzels, for the ultimate ice cream sandy. 

Bonus Idea: Caramel Cookie Sandwiches

Another absolutely delicious way to eat your cookies is to follow the Rolo melt procedure and then simply to stick the cookies together so they have a melted caramel filling. If you chill these in the fridge, they become an incredibly chewy treat.

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