Big Pete's New Board

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A Return to the Waves

Big Pete has been on a health and fitness mission. He's driven by his passion for the ocean and surfing to return to the waves. Today marked a big milestone in that journey as he received a custom shaped board by the great Nacho Lopez, AKA Loco Lopez.

Big Pete's Longboard Surfboard Santa Cruz Surfing

Shaped by Loco Lopez

One of Big Pete's all-time favorite surfers is Nacho Lopez. It only made sense to get one of his inspirations to get involved in this new mission and boy oh boy did Nacho deliver. A beautiful buoyant green and white longboard, it is going to fit perfectly in the lineup at Big Pete's local surf spot.

Pursuing Your Passions

Big Pete is taking to the waters to reconnect with a lifetime love of surfing. What are you passionate about? How does cannabis help you to get on the path? For Big Pete, his health and fitness journey has already paid dividends and the best part is just beginning. Follow along for inspiration!

Check out the video on our YouTube Channel!