Big Pete's Partners With Ginger Commerce for Kitchen to Door Delivery

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What is Ginger Commerce?

Ginger Commerce is a new disruptive platform that gives us the power to send cookies directly from our kitchen to your door. It gives you the option to buy directly from us! That means you don't have to leave your couch, you don't have to use a confusing app, and you can order our cookies easily and have them shipped next day delivery straight to you. Check out our new shop, powered by Ginger Commerce, HERE: BIG PETE'S TREATS ONLINE STORE

Who founded Ginger?

Roie Edery and Aleksey Klempner are the CEO and CTO of Ginger commerce and have worked together successfully for the past decade building brands within the cannabis industry, including EAZE. They teamed up with former NBA player Omri Casspi to create a Ginger Commerce as powerhouse Direct to Consumer platform, and we are excited to work with them to give our loyal fans direct access to our cookies.

What is the Cookie Club?

While you can buy cookies directly from the kitchen to your door using our shop BIG PETE'S ONLINE STORE, you will soon be able to join our Cookie Club where we will send you announcements about deals and give you the first chance to purchase seasonal cookies or other specials. 

Check out this quote from a recent High Times article covering this new relationship!

"Big Pete’s Treats CEO Pete Furtado, Jr. is enthusiastic about working with Ginger Commerce. 'We’re super excited to partner up with Ginger,' he said. 'Being able to offer our fans a top-notch delivery experience straight from our brand is what we’ve been waiting for. Especially for our long time loyal customers, this makes it easy, and we’re looking forward to engaging with and growing our newfound Cookie Club.'”

Where Does Ginger Deliver?

Right now, you can buy direct from our kitchen to your door anywhere in the Bay Area, and soon you will be able to in SoCal as well. Stay tuned to learn more about our Cookie Club and some of the fun things we have in store for you and the offers that we will be announcing.