Cannabis and Creativity: Do Edibles Enhance Experience?

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Cannabis Infused Cookies and Art

It's an age old question: what is the relationship between creativity and cannabis?The answer may go back as far as the origins of cultivated cannabis, but for us it is crystal clear that they are intertwined. Jack Herer was amazed when he discovered that canvas and cannabis were words with a common history. Canvas used for ships and for paintings was made from hemp. Beyond this close connection between the cannabis plant and art, there is something more to the effect of THC on our brains and how we experience art.

Colors, Flavors, Textures

Among the many sensations reported by people who love to consume edibles is the experience of more vivid colors, flavors and textures. For cookie heads, getting baked makes watching a movie, looking at art, or eating a slice of pie a truly heightened experience. 

Eat cookies, make art!

We want to see your creativity! Do you draw, paint, skateboard, dance or express yourself in other media? Join our cookie club (COOKIE CLUB) and tag us in a photo of your work on Instagram. We want to see your art!