Clean Beaches With Big Petes - July Cleanups

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As we approach the 4th of July weekend, we are aware that the coastal areas of California are going to be heavily hit by tourists who leave behind lots of garbage. As part of an effort to protect the ocean and all of the animals who live there, we are encouraging our friends and followers to participate in a Beach Clean-Up.

Usually, we would organize a time and place to make this happen. This year, due to Covid 19, we are unable to safely assemble in large groups. So, we are going to get creative. We are hoping that you all will join us and go to your favorite local beaches with gloves, bags and good vibes. We will be choosing some select spots in Santa Cruz that get hit hard.

Together, we can make a huge difference. Show the world that we care enough to take the time to clean up our public spaces by using the hashtag #CleanBeachesWithBigPete. Add this tag to before and after pictures, videos or any other social media posts you can think of to demonstrate your effort and to show that you value marine life and ocean health.

Remember! Your cleanup experience will be much better if you remember to bring the following items:

    •    Suitable beach attire
    •    Water for drinking
    •    Sunscreen
    •    Gloves
    •    Garbage bag for collecting trash
    •    Mask

We will be reposting many of your posts, and we will be sending a merch-prize-package to our favorite 10 posts.

Thank you all for following Big Pete’s and we look forward to seeing your posts!