Cookies, Cookies, Cookies: Big Pete and Berner

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Cookie Kings Unite

We just baked a fresh batch of cookies for Berner's Cookies Enterprises. Mint Chocolate Chip, Cherry Pie, and Cookies and Cream! Three delicious flavors for one of our favorite Cannabis brands. Congrats to Cookies for being named one of America's Hottest Brands by AdAge.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cannabis Cookie

Cannabis Cup Colleagues

When we started out, the festivals and cannabis cups were a great place to showcase your offerings and to network with other brands, and that is where we first linked up with Big Berner. From Hempcon, to High Times Cups, to the Emerald Cup we were constantly crossing paths with the Cookies brand. It made perfect sense for us to join forces in making Cookies cookies powered by Big Pete's Treats.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cannabis Infused cookies

Getting the Future Baked

With each batch of cookies we ship out we smile because we know how much stoners are going to enjoy them. Two of the most important qualities in cookies are the flavor and the consistency of the dosing. You want to know exactly how high you will get, and we have dosed our cookies to be easy to gauge. 10mg per cookie gives you the ultimate control in your edible adventures. And the flavors? The flavors. Well, they speak for themselves.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cannabis Infused cookies

Memories with Cookies

Take a trip down Memory Lane with us as we look back at some of the moments over the years with Berner and the Cookies brand. Click on the links below to view some of our Cookies encounters on Instagram! 


You can buy our cookies online, here! BUY NOW!!!