Double Chocolate Caramel Dreams

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Milk Duds Double Chocolate Caramel Dreams

Life Hack: Double Chocolate Caramel Sandwiches

Cannabis Infused Double Chocolate Mini Cookies are one of our dankest and most delicious flavors. In this recipe, we show you how to take our cookies and turn them into a fun and decadent dessert.

Melted Milk Duds Double Chocolate Sandwiches

Best Served Warm

Chewy melted caramel mixing with the bittersweet chunks of chocolate in your mouth is a very good thing. When you heat up our cookies and melt some Milk Duds on them they become three dimensional treats.

melted Milk Duds on Double Chocolate cookies

Melted Milk Duds

The main trick to this delicious magic is to melt the Milk Duds without burning the cookies. If you put them on a baking tray with three Milk Duds on each cookie at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for about fifteen minutes, then the caramel will melt and the cookies will be perfectly warmed.

Just Add Ice Cream (and Caramel and Chocolate)

On your way to making these caramel sandwiches, you have the opportunity to add some ice cream for the absolute chocolate experience. The ice cream will melt on the hot caramel and the swirls of caramel and chocolate, well, they speak for themselves.

You can now find our DOUBLE CHOCOLATE cookies in Florida, at Liberty Health Sciences! You can also order them online, HERE: ORDER ONLINE