For The Love of The Green: Zion "supahtroopah" Thompson

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Team Love is Strong

We had the chance to speak with Zion "@supahtroopah" Thompson of The Green and we learned some things about one of our favorite musicians. We're stoked to see The Green perform next weekend at Cali Roots Presents... at the Monterey Fairgrounds August 28th. The Green will be performing and we can't wait to hear "Recipe" and we're hoping to hear "Come Home" the two new singles. 

Papa Zion: Daddy Time Vibes

When we spoke with Zion, being a dad was on his mind. He was watching his little one and it is clear from his social media and his podcast that being dad is a big part of his personality. That podcast is called Explicit Aloha Podcast, and it is a fun way to get the inside scoop about what's going on with Zion, the Green and Hawaii in general. It's a fun laidback format that he releases each Aloha Friday. 

Explicit Vibes

When Zion talks story, it's clear that he has a lot of respect for music, for Hawaii and for his family. The Green are a positive band and they spread an uplifting feeling and energy. With that said, Zion is no stranger to the occasional F-bomb. That is to say, he strikes that balance that we love: respectful and fun. Known for his love of edibles, we can't wait to get some of our 100mg cookies in his hands to see what the fuck he thinks about how hard they hit!


Just in time for their performance at the Monterey Fairgrounds, we have been blessed with some new tunes. The Green has released a new single (Recipe) and one new collaboration (feelings) with J. Boog and Gyptian. They also have a new single (Come Home) being released in September. Will they preview the new song at their show?

The Green Lady Artwork

One mystery we had cleared up for us in our conversation with Zion is the source of the beautiful woman who has graced the cover of each of their albums. It turns out that The Green have used the same artist, Kamea Hadar, for their covers and it is his wife Shana who is the muse. If you want to know more about this interesting artist, check out his website, HERE: KAMEA HADAR


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