Fred Rosser: Professional Wrestler and Cannabis Advocate

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One of the best things about cannabis is getting to know the people who enjoy it and use it to their advantage. You can typically find us attending festivals, concerts, talks, seminars, farmers markets and anything that brings together ganja lovers. During this past year, even without events to attend, we have had the opportunity to interact with some really interesting people through social media.


One of these amazing cannabis influencers we have been getting to know is Fred Rosser, professional wrestler and entertainer. Wrestling is part theater, part sport and all-time classic entertainment. The clash of heroes and heels clad in costume and flying off of top ropes slamming into their foes always makes us smile and it was an honor to get to interview a real life action hero. We sent Fred some of our EXTRA STRENGTH INDICA Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip cookies and asked him some questions about his cannabis use.

 Fred Rosser Professional Wrestler Cannabis Advocate


When do you typically use cannabis? In addition to edibles, what other delivery systems do you prefer (smoking, vaping, tinctures, etc.)?


Cannabis has been a staple in my life for many years now. I enjoy all of the delivery systems. I’m always looking forward to sharing my experience and collaborating with cannabis companies by educating the masses on how cannabis has benefited me throughout my years as a major athlete in sports entertainment and beyond whether it was reducing inflammation, helping me sleep better, or combating symptoms of a concussion from the ring. Through all of my social media platforms which is my open diary to the world, I’m most importantly always looking forward to delivering new innovations that have meaningful health benefits for not only myself but all families as well.


What mg is your preferred dose with edibles?


Education is key in dosing. Knowing what a standard dose is and adjusting that dose based on what works for you has always made my experience enjoyable. 

20mg at a time is enough for me in whatever strain I’m ingesting, for example, such as sativa strain before working out.


 Do you use cannabis while you work out? For recovery? 


I use cannabis before and after my workouts. Vaping a good hybrid helps me get in the zone and mentally ready to knock out my workouts. 


What is the most painful workout you do? Can you still feel the after-effects of old injuries? 


In my profession and in all sports pretty much, injuries do come with the territory and with injuries your approach to not only training but competition changes, as well, for the better.  In my career, I’ve had major surgeries such as  the Tommy John which is a very common baseball injury to the elbow and I’ve had major ACL/MCL surgery to my left knee. 


Opiates are not my thing, so shifting to cannabis gave me the relief I needed to power me through most of the pain and recovery. When it comes to workouts, especially since the pandemic hit, I’ve had to become creative with working out. Besides an adjustable kettlebell I have, I’ve embraced myself in TRX training mostly and I find TRX more difficult but rewarding than doing dumbbells. 

TRX is total-body workout which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise using your body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.

 Fred Rosser Professional Wrestler Cannabis Advocate


Is there a connection between cannabis and creativity for you? Do you come up with ideas or work on moves while high?


Absolutely, I believe I create some of my best work when I’m elevated as I like to call it. I’m already good but I become even better when I consume cannabis. It gives me better laser-like focus at exploring moves, coming up with trash talking stuff to say in the ring, or creating the most effective workouts that are going to benefit me.



What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy cannabis? 


It all depends on the environment I’m in. If I’m going for a walk or people watching I might vape or eat an edible. If I’m at home or at a friend’s house I’ll probably smoke it. Being responsible as well as having fun is key to me when consuming cannabis.

Fred Rosser Professional Wrestler Cannabis Advocate