Friday 21 May 2021 Cannabis Infused News

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Peanut Butter Cannabis Infused Cookies

Happy Friday from Big Pete's Treats. Wishing you all a cannabis infused weekend.

Our sales team was up in Northern California this week visiting clubs and taking in the views. Check out our Reels on Instagram for some fun moments from the road, HERE: 

Big Pete's Reel from the Road #1

Big Pete's Reel from the Road #2

Birthday Cake Indica Cookies and Roses

Sunshine, Roses, and Cannabis-Infused Birthday Cake mini cookies sounds like a pretty good afternoon to us!

Dr. Greenthumb's Humboldt County

Of course we had to visit Dr. Green Thumb's Humboldt County shop.

What are you smoking on? We wanna try this new Doggy Bagg Cookies x Snoop collaboration, sheesh...


Peanut Butter Cannabis Infused Sativa Cookies

Remember, if you love our cookies and don't know where to find them you can always order them online,