Gingerbread Cannabutter Cookies

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Gingerbread Cannabutter Cookies

Seasonal Sweets that Treat You Right

It's the time of year for escaping cold weather indoors with comforting and delicious baked treats. To celebrate the launch of our Cannabutter, we put together a Recipe Booklet, and this is one of our favorites. With two tablespoons of Cannabutter, a tablespoon of ground ginger, and a tablespoon of cinnamon, these cookies are a whole mood.

Two tablespoons of Cannabutter

Gingerbread Dreams

This holiday season, we encourage you to elevate your baking with Cannabutter. These spicy and chewy cookies are the perfect flavor to get your friends buzzing. Add some fun shapes and whimsical icing and you have the perfect party favor.

Spicy Warm Goodness

Baking these cookies is an experience of the senses. As soon as you start to combine the ingredients, the smells of ginger and molasses mingle and fill the air with holiday vibes. These cookies are loud, and they may attract your neighbors.

Getting Baked with Baking

Two tablespoons of Cannabutter is equal to 250mg of THC. This is very important to remember as you nosh on hot and delicious gingerbread. You are going to get hungry again. Very hungry. These cookies aren't just delicious: they have impact. Please consume and share responsibly.