Good Time Cinnamon Rolls

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Elevate Your Favorite Breakfast Treat

Nothing makes a cold winter morning warm up nicer than the smell of Cinnamon Rolls baking in the oven. This holiday season, delight your friends and family with this twist on Cinnamon Rolls. Inspired by our Holiday Recipes booklet, this version uses Cinnamon Rolls instead of Crescent Buns. The secret is in adding the cinnamon sugar and melted Cannabutter.

Cannabutter Up Your Morning

Nothing starts the day off better during the holidays than a healthy dose of Cannabutter. Shoveling snow or raking leaves? Your Fall chores just got that much more fun or less pressing. Either way, it's a win win.

Happy Holidays Start Here

With a Cannabuttery breakfast, your holiday adventures will be a lot stonier. Getting stoned by eating Cinnamon Rolls is a stoner's dream come true. It is a delight reserved for celebrations, perfect for this time of year.