Holiday Sugar Cookie Candy Dripped Decadence: Season's Sweetenings!

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Decadent Holiday Sugar cookies confectionary ingredients

Affection for Confection

We enjoy an occasional sweet, here at Big Pete's Treats, and the Holiday season is our favorite time to indulge in something decadent. With our Holiday Sugar Cookies and all of the fun seasonal candies out there, we thought we would make something extravagant and delicious. We call it our Holiday Sugar Cookie Candy Dripped Decadence. 

Holiday Sugar Cookie with melting Rolo

Rolling the Rolo

Step #1: add your Holiday Sugar mini cookies to a baking sheet with tin foil and add one unwrapped Rolo chocolate covered caramel to each cookie. Bake on 250 for 10 minutes or until the Rolo collapses and the caramel oozes out. Allow to cool and place on a decorative ass plate.

Mini Cookies with Melted Rolo cannabis infused decadence

Melted Caramel with a Kiss

Warning, the melted caramel is hot! Do not kiss the hot candy. Instead, add a Hershey's kiss to the melted  Rolo. It will nestle in perfectly and the caramel will keep the Kiss in place. Once you have secured each cookie with a seasonal Hershey's Kiss, it is time to get to drizzling.

Holiday Sugar Mini Cookies with drizzled dark chocolate

Drip Your Chocolate Heart Out

Start with the dark chocolate. Melt the chocolate chips in microwave or using a pan with water in it, place the bowl of chocolate chips in the water and heat slowly until chocolate melts. You can add a dash of half and half once the chocolate begins to melt to make it nice and ready to drizzle. With the white chocolate melting wafers, you do the same thing but add a little water instead of half and half.

Chocolate Drizzled Decadence Cannabis infused

Holiday Party Indulgence

This year, when you show up to your Holiday Parties, arrive in style with a decorative platter filled with Holiday Sugar Cookie Dripped Decadence. The layers of chocolate and the caramel go perfectly with the Sugar Cookie for the ultimate Winter treat.

Candy Dripped Decadence

Holiday Treats cannabis infused chocolate decadence