Infused Goodles: Better Mac 'n Cheese with Cannabutter

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The Santa Cruziest Noodles Ever

What do you get when you take the fun and innovative boxed Mac N Cheese made by Goodles and cook it up with some Big Pete's Cannabutter? You get baked, deliciously and undeniably stoned.


Waiting for Gal Godot

Once you try the new wave Mac N Cheese Goodles made with Big Pete's Cannabutter you will understand that this is a stoner's dream come true. Gal Godot, AKA Wonder Woman, is the intelligent, beautiful and elegant muse marketing this interesting Santa Cruz headquartered brand. When you infuse this thoughtful and fun food with Big Pete's Cannabutter you have an absolute winner of a dinner.



A Spoon Full of Goodles

It helps the Cannabutter go down. One box is two servings and you can add as much or as little Cannabutter as you like. For this photo shoot, we added one tablespoon of Cannabutter, for a total of about 125 mg of THC. It was easy to prepare, full of nutritious benefits, and oh-so stony.