Introducing our INSANE CHURRO COOKIES with B Real

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When it comes to the world of Hip-Hop, Cannabis and Media there are few people we respect more than the ever-stylish lyricist, the notorious cannabis connoisseur, the multimedia mix-master himself, the one and only B Real. The fact that one individual could rise to such prominence in three competitive fields is completely amazing.


Cypress Hill and all of B Real’s musical projects will forever be in the stoner’s canon of great works. The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast and associated BRealTV productions are breaking ground and pointing to the future of cannabis culture. Ever the MC, B Real has assembled a team of talented stoners to partake in daily get-downs that remind us why we started smoking weed in the first place: to hang with our friends and talk story.


Imagine how happy we were when we heard that there was an opportunity to collaborate on a cookie.


“I wanted to work with Big Pete’s because of their reputation of being a top shelf baked goods edible company,” said B-Real. “Churros are a big part of Mexican culture and everyone, Mexican or not, loves a delicious churro. So I thought, ‘why not combine two of my favorite past times for my fans and customers to enjoy."


The chance to do a collaboration cookie with B Real’s INSANE brand was a dream come true! We knew from day one that we had to get this cookie right. We took our time and experimented in the kitchen tinkering with recipes until we created a cannabis cookie that tastes just like churros.


To celebrate this awesome collaboration, Big Pete and his daughter Katie will be at the official 4/20 cookie drop where B Real himself will be making an in-person appearance.


B-Real will be making a guest appearance at the Dr. Greenthumb’s Sylmar location from 11am-1pm PT on Tuesday, April 20. Representatives from Big Pete’s will be handing out freshly baked non medicated churro samples for store patrons to enjoy. Samples are first come, first serve.


The cannabis-infused cookies are available in all Dr. Greenthumb’s locations.


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