Lemon Bar Boogie: Making Krusteaz with Cannabutter

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Lemon Bar with Cannabutter Recipe

Better Lemon Bars with Cannabutter

Nothing beats the sweet and tangy flavor of freshly baked Lemon Bars. It's not just the contrast of flavors, but the dual textures that makes this dessert so dynamic. The lemony jelly like top and the buttery crust combine to form a delicious treat. When you use Big Pete's Cannabutter, it elevates the entire experience. 


Take it Krusteazey

Krusteaz is a classic American brand founded to make baking more accessible. They have helped countless people to bake delicious treats in the comfort of their own homes with their famous boxed mixes. When you use Big Pete's Cannabutter, you can create some infused Lemon Bars that will get you baked too.


Meyer Lemon Bar Mix Unlocked

The beauty of Big Pete's Cannabutter is that you can use it to make many of your favorite desserts into an edible extravaganza. These box mixes are a delicious way to incorporate some fun, and Cannabutter, into your week.