Paradox Pool Party Headliner: DJ John Beaver

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Who is DJ John Beaver? He is a musician (a Mash-UP DJ), a zookeeper, a cancer survivor, a motivational speaker and a really passionate, energetic, and friendly guy. He’s a local success story, too, having started out playing music in underground SF venues but rising to the heights with a 15-year residency at Coachella on his resume and world tours under his belt.


At Coachella since the beginning, Beaver has been creating the official yearly mix compilation featuring all artists playing on that given year! Those mixes can be found on the official site

When you speak with Beaver: his unflinching combination of realism and optimism is unmistakable. The guy is brimming over with enthusiasm for his craft, with a love for the art. He describes his shows as positive, high energy sonic experiments. One thing John is known for is taking popular vocals from one track and laying them over an entirely different beat creating a new song that is both recognizable and different.

When John Beaver was diagnosed with stage 3 and 4 colon cancer it easily could have seemed devastating, but he somehow managed to beat the odds and survive the treatment. Now, he’s a musician with a mission. “I’m still alive,” he says. His voice rings with stoke. “I’m trying to help people get back in tune with how great life is.”

What to Expect: “My shows are a celebration of life. I want them to be fun, like this could be our last night out.” John Beaver says that he has always had a little bit of ADHD, but that with his job as a zookeeper and his life as a DJ, he has turned that curse into a blessing as he has an outlet for his energy.

He also says that he always reads the crowd and that 50% of what he decides to play will come from them and 50% from experiments that he has in mind. Beyond musical style, though, you should come to experience the energy. As DJ John Beaver stated last year in an interview with the OC Weekly, “Instead of just being another DJ on stage that plays music and makes people happy, I’m that DJ who influences people in a positive way beyond the music.”

When and where he Performs: DJ John Beaver will be headlining the Paradox Pool Party on Sunday, October 20th, from 7-8:00 pm. Make sure to bring your dancing shoes!
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