Pumpkin Pie-lets that Treat You Right

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Can You Do the Pumpkin Dance?

The Pumpkin Dance is a version of the Humpty Dance made popular in the 90s by Shock G of the Digital Underground. Back then, Cannabis was not legal in California so it was a lot harder to come by this magical infused butter. To celebrate the first holiday season with our Cannabutter on the shelves of California dispensaries we cooked up a bunch of fun recipes. Eat two of these Pumpkin Pie-lets, turn on some 90s hits, and what happens happens.

All About that Crust

In this version, we chose to do individual Pie-lets following the recipe for the filling on our Holiday Recipes booklet. To create individual crusts, we added one Cinnamon & Sugar mini cookie and a half a teaspoon of Cannabutter. Bake for 6-8 minutes at 325 to melt the butter into the crumbled cookie.

A Filling that's Chilling

Everyone has a different version of the classic Pumpkin Pie, and in our version the beautiful textures of our favorite decorative gourd are complemented with tangy sour cream and rich heavy cream. 


Gotta Try It, Our Pumpkin Pie-let

Whether you want to go for the traditional shaped pie pan or mix it up with these mini pies, you are going to make some holiday revelers very happy.