Ride the Cookie: 100mg of Team Wolfie Energy

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Not much goes better with being stoned than watching or listening to comedy. This is one of the great things about cannabis: chocolate tastes more chocolatey, the sunset is more lit, music sounds more interesting and funny shit makes you laugh uncontrollably.


That’s why we had to collaborate with the smart and funny Rachel Wolfson on a video to introduce our 100mg EXTRA STRENGTH INDICA Cookies to the market. Made with both Canna Butter and Canna Oil, one small cookie can have a very big effect.


The EXTRA STRENGTH INDICA Cookies are fun and potent products and in order to express their potential to bring you joy, Wolfie was going to make a video with a green screen about taking a mental trip to mars. What happened instead is her comic boyfriend Mat Edgar was playing video games with fellow comic Frank Castillo and they ate the cookie without noticing the dosage and well…cue the djembe drums.


Laughter is one of our favorite forms of medicine and it was a great pleasure to see our cookies in the hands of such talented comedians. Check out the video and follow Comedian Rachel Wolfson at @wolfiecomedy and don’t miss her fire memes at @wolfymemes!