Santa’s Favorite Treat: HOLIDAY SUGAR Mini Cookies

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Tray of sugar cookies with red sprinkles.

Ho ho holy smokes has it been one heckuva year. Here we are at the beginning of holiday season in the US and we at Big Pete’s want to celebrate with you. Our HOLIDAY SUGAR cookies only come once a year and they have a special place in our hearts.

Cannabis infused cookies are known to elevate the mind and with the right dose can put all kinds of people in a warm and fuzzy mood. The lights on houses start to go up as the nights get darker earlier. During these cold weeks at the end of the year, HOLIDAY SUGAR cookies are like warm slippers, a cranking fire and a cup of cocoa.

Making the most of your season with these buttery sprinkle-coated cookies means sharing smiles and laughs with friends. They mean responsibly socially distanced parties with family enjoying some classic laughs. If nothing else, you know our HOLIDAY SUGAR cookies are sure to make your Zoom get together LIT!

We believe that our HOLIDAY SUGAR cookies will help to put you in the holiday spirit. From the second we smell the cannabis infusing into the butter, as our team puts together the cookie dough, rolls the balls and coats them with sprinkles, we can imagine all of the smiles on happy stoners’ faces. Once the oven door opens up and the steaming hot cookies come out to cool our factory fills up with the smells of the holidays and we can’t help but smile.


Bag of sugar cookies