Saritah's Evolutionary Music: New Day at California Roots Presents

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Some musicians aspire for more than fame and financial success with their art. Some desire transformation. This desire for change is expressed by Australian songstress Saritah in a beautiful body of work celebrating the process of evolving into higher states of being. This Saturday, she will be performing at the Monterey Fairgrounds as part of the California Roots Presents concert series.

We reached out to Saritah to learn more about her process and her new song "New Day."

What was the recording process like for your new single?
NEW DAY was written on a solo songwriting retreat in a yurt on my friend's land on Vashon Island (in Washington). It was one of those songs that came through pretty quickly and just flowed.  I recorded a basic demo of it, which I then sent to Tommi Tikkanen, an amazing producer in Finland. He 'got' the song immediately and took it where it wanted to go production wise. We had a little tweaking back and forth, then I recorded my vocals at home in LA and sent them back to him. He mixed the tune and it was mastered by Tim Boyce in NYC. It's so liberating to be able to work with people all over the world in this way! 
As an artist, do you care about creating albums or songs more? How has digital streaming changed your strategies in making music, if at all?
I definitely feel that albums are still important - both as an artist and as a listener. I'm working on my new album right now. To have a body of work that says something and has a whole vibe as a project - where all the songs go together and reflect and enhance each other in some way - that's important to me. Some songs are album songs, and some songs are singles. Some singles go on albums, and some don't. I know that now, due to the nature of music streaming platforms (DSPs), some artists are putting older singles on a new album as it gives the album a lift in terms of streaming numbers. I have mixed feelings about that for myself - for me to do that, the song would really have to work as part of the larger album.
How are you staying grounded and healthy? What kinds of practices do you have that keep you able to make music and to have a positive mindset?
I love this question!! I always do my best to start my day with a morning practise that includes some of my go-to tools for staying healthy - like meditation, morning walks, yoga, journalling, and listening to inspiring podcasts among other things.  I rotate through them and try to do two or three of these things each morning. Time in nature is crucial for my sanity too - whether it's the beach or a hike, getting some sun on my skin and my feet on the earth needs to happen regularly. And I am discerning with both my intake of information and of course diet is super important too. I eat a plant based diet and try to limit processed foods and sugars and stay hydrated. And staying connected to my friends and family! It's easy to feel isolated in these times, we need to make sure we're staying connected. 
Who do you make music for? Do you have someone who inspires you? Who are some of your biggest fans (besides us)?
My intention with making music has always been to spread love, upliftment and inspiration, and given the times we are in, honestly I make music for anyone who is needing more of that! There are so many people who inspire me - musicians and artists and writers and also anyone who is leading the way in terms of living more in connection with the earth, slowing down, consuming less, creating solutions and protecting sacred places - basically anyone who is working towards justice for all people and for all of life on this planet - because that's the direction we need to move in as a collective. And that starts within each of us, so I'm also inspired by anyone who is committed to their spiritual journey; their healing journey. I'm constantly blown away when people tell me that an album or song I wrote has helped them through a difficult time or a tough day - it gives me so much energy to keep going, knowing that the music is making a difference in people's lives. And I don't know about biggest fan, but I was blessed to open for the legendary Toots & the Maytals in 2018 and he told me he liked my music. That meant the world to me! It's still hard to believe he's not here anymore in the physical...but his voice lives forever, what a gift!
Come check out Saritah, live this Saturday at the California Roots Presents. Come ready for the good times by buying cookies, HERE: BUY ONLINE