Sativa Cookies for Your Sweetie

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Sativa Birthday Cake Mini Cannabis Infused Cookies

 This Valentine’s Day, it’s your year to do it right. May we suggest giving the super cool gift of SATIVA to your Sweetie? That’s right, Sativa Birthday Cake Mini Cookies. Each one has 10mg of THC, is bursting with rainbow sprinkles and loaded with sweet buttery goodness. A 10pack of these cookies is a sure path to the heart of any edible loving human.

California Cannabis Cookie Birthday Cake Sativa

 Cannabis cookies are also a great accompaniment to any Valentines Day card-making pod-tivity. You, your people you get together with, some cookies crayons and the magic words that can earn smiles, inspire kisses and make them all blush. Maybe it’s time to reach out to a crush, to reveal yourself as a secret admirer. Allow the Sativa Birthday Cake Mini Cookies to inspire the poet in you. The love artist.

 California Cannabis Cookie Birthday Cake Sativa Milk

February, after all, is the season of love and nothing gets the feeling flowing like some delicious buttery cannabis cookies baked in Santa Cruz with the positive vibes of the Cookie Crew. What self-respecting stoner doesn’t love the feeling of the perfect dose of THC flowing through your bloodstream? Maybe it inspires you to do a little drawing, write a catchy lyric, come up with a new hairstyle. We wouldn’t count it out. Love is rad, even more fun with Sativa Birthday Cake Mini Cookies.

Also, don't forget to make a Valentine's Day card for Mom!

California Cannabis Cookie Birthday Cake Sativa Mustache