Sherbinskis' Cannabis Vision: Designing a Proudly Loud Future

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Sherbinskis Fairfax

In the cannabis industry, it's important to align yourself with brands you believe in. When it comes to culture, the name Sherbinski carries weight and it's weight that moves. One of the big winners in California's battle of the brands, Mr. Sherbinkski's shop on Fairfax is a beautiful stylish ode to the brand's success. We are of course stoked that they are carrying our cookies.






High End Organics

Timing plays a big part in the Sherbinski story. If you want to know more about Mr. Sherbinski's path from Real Estate agent to the breeder who designed the Sunset Sherbert strain to Cannabis Mogul, these three podcasts are a great listen.

Weed Week Gelato's Father podcast

Gelato's Father, Mr. Sherbinski Weed Week

How Sherbinksis' Gelato Became... CONVERSATIONS

Mr. Sherbinski What Are You Smoking Podcast

Changing the Look

Mr. Sherbinski is a man with a mission to make it. Listening to him speak, it's clear that he has a true love for the cannabis plant. He also has a love for Hip Hop and fashion and with hard work and great timing he has managed to merge all three in a highly successful endeavor. Using what he calls the "orange glove treatment," Sherbinkski's has a clean and elevated aesthetic.

Changing the stereotype from the "dirty bong" to something that belongs inside a Barney's, Mr. Sherbinski has managed to cultivate more than high end cannabis: he's created a designer cannabis culture.

Quality Cannabis for All

In addition to producing high end designer cannabis that musicians love so much they write lyrics with the strain names, Mr. Sherbinski also has batches of Sungrown Flowers of his genetics available for a lower price point. We are stoked to have our cookies available on Sherbinksi's Fairfax! Stop by and check out this beautiful shop!