Smiles are in Style at blunts and moore, the Happy Store

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In the Heart of Oakland

We recently visited one of our favorite dispensaries, blunts and moore. In an interview last year with Forbes, founder Tucky Blunt Jr. describes it as "the 1st equity owned dispensary in the world." 

 More than Blunts

The awesome team at blunts and moore have created a winning dispensary that is a cultural institution as much as it is a place to get premium cannabis products. It is fun to see how different owners create a sense of culture for their brands, and Tucky Blunt Jr. has done a great job of creating a club with a distinct sense of style.

Equity and Quality in Cannabis

One of the things you immediately notice when you look at the shelves and displays at blunts and moore is that every item is quality and there is also an emphasis on value. Having won what Blunt describes as a winning lottery ticket this dispensary is passing on that value to the consumer. Great deals on premium cannabis make this a place to visit. 

Blunt's Blunts

Cannabis dispensaries make up a vital part of California's cannabis culture. It is where people learn about new products and discover their favorite brands. We are proud to partner with folks like Tucky Blunt Jr. in making people smile sharing in the joy of quality cannabis.