Strawberry Coconut Cookies: Vegan-Friendly, Gluten Free, and All Natural

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It started out as a dream, a sweet strawberry flavored fantasy of cannabis clouds on a coconut tree strewn beach. We wanted to make the most delicious vegan edible ever, so we took our time in the kitchen and played with recipes until we found how to pack the juiciest splash of flavor into one small dank bite. Well, we really did it. An explosion of goodness gushes into your mouth as you chew your cannabis infused strawberry coconut treat and within an hour you're feeling the full spectrum effects.

Strawberry Coconut Cookie Kate

We launched our cookies at the most appropriate place, with our friends at Airfield Supply Co. A delicious new edible made with cannabis infused coconut oil is a reason to celebrate. For anyone who is vegan or wants gluten free edibles, it is a dream come true. We were stoked to make some chocolate covered strawberries and to hand out non-dosed samples of our new cookies to the good people at Airfield Supply Co.

Airfield Supply Co. Strawberry Coconut Cookies Launch

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Celebration

Not only will vegans and people with gluten free diets enjoy this treat, but it has become Big Pete's favorite treat, too. It tastes great and has that vibe Big Pete fell in love with when he first started growing cannabis.

Big Pete Strawberry Coconut Cookies

Big Pete Strawberry Coconut Cookies

It's the perfect treat for a day outdoors.

Strawberry Coconut Cookies

Each cookie is one small delicious and cannabis infused bite.

Strawberry Coconut Cookie

If you want to buy some of these delicious treats online, you can do so, HERE:


Strawberry Coconut Cookies