The Apothecarium Dispensary in Capitola

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We recently teamed up with the talented folks at AP Keaton to create an in-store display at the beautiful Capitola location of The Apothecarium Dispensary. Located at 1850 41st Avenue, the shop is conveniently located across the avenue from the Capitola Mall. Check out their website to order online!

The Apothecarium Dispsensary

Once inside, the space is brightly lit and we were greeted warmly by Sharon Daigle. She was happy to show us the display and was kind enough to be in the photos. Thanks, Sharon!

The Apothecarium Capitola Big Petes Display

The Apothecarium Capitola AP Keaton display

Wow! Nice work, AP Keaton. It was fun to see the cartoonish kitchen shelves and oven display. We love the way it looks. 

Houseplant Seth Rogan Big Petes The Apothecarium Dispensary Capitola

Also cool to see our stuff together with Seth Rogen's Houseplant Brand.

The Apothecarium Capitola

Stop by The Apothecarium Dispensary to see our in-store display, to meet the friendly faces of the Apothecarium team, and to pick up some of our cookies!

AP Keaton display

Apothecarium Capitola interior