The Strawbvious: Double Chocolate Strawberry Shake

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Double Chocolate Cannabis Infused Cookies with organic strawberries

Summertime Vibes

It's beginning to heat up as we turn the corner toward Summer. With rising temps, it only seems right--you could say obvious--that we blend up some delicious smoothie recipes. We dreamed up this milkshake to celebrate Liberty Health Sciences Patient Appreciation Day at their Boca Raton, Florida Dispensary.

If you are in the Boca Raton area, they are throwing a Memorial Day party May 30th. You can find our Double Chocolate Cookies there, too.

Congratulations to Liberty Health Sciences for continuing to support their patients and show their appreciation in the Boca Raton area. Our mission is to spread good vibes through infused foods and we couldn't do it without such great business partners.

Double Chocolate Strawberry Shake

Double Chocolate Strawberry Shake

Floridians can now enjoy our Double Chocolate Cookies in addition to our classic Chocolate Chip. These cookies are infused with cannabis and loaded with flavor. They are a chocolate loving cannabis consumer's dream come true. In this recipe, the tang of the fresh strawberries and the sweet creaminess of the ice cream are a perfect complement to the bittersweet chocolatey goodness. 

closeup of organic strawberry


This one is super simple! You just put the ingredients together in a blender, mix it until it is smooth, and pour into a frosty glass!

Add two scoops Chocolate Ice Cream

Add nine fresh organic strawberries

Add one cup of milk

Add five Double Chocolate Cannabis-Infused Cookies

Blend it and sent it!


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