Top 5 Reasons to Shop at Airfield Supply Co. Immediately Upon Landing at the San Jose International Airport

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Your California Cannabis Experience

If you are looking for an authentic California Cannabis Experience this summer, we recommend beginning your journey by flying into San Jose International Airport. This is your gateway to South Bay, and to one of the well respected hearts of the cannabis industry: Santa Cruz. Before you head to the hotel or get on the road to drive over the hill to the beach, you are going to want to stock up on some quality cannabis products at one of our favorite dispensaries: Airfield Supply Co.

Friendly Staff at Airfield Supply Co.

1. Friendliest Staff Ever

When you fly into California to San Jose, weary from traveling but excited to get your California Cannabis Experience cracking, the last thing you want is to deal with unhelpful bud tenders. You want someone who is going to be stoked to talk to you about what California has to offer and how to get started sampling some of the great cannabis available.

Jet Fuel being grown at Airfield Supply Co.

2. They Grow the Fire

The Airfield Supply Co. in house brand of cannabis, Jet Fuel, is a great place to start. With a show room grow room with windows facing the lobby, the eager cannabis enthusiast can see an example of how Airfield grows fire.

Big Petes at Airfield Supply

3. They Carry Big Pete's Treats

One of our longest running accounts, we are stoked that you can find our cookies a mere two minute Uber ride from the airport. We like to do in-store promotions, too, so you might catch one of our Brand Ambassadors there spreading the good vibes. You can shop for our cookies at Airfield Supply Co., HERE:  SHOP NOW!

Big Pete's at the Beach

4. You'd Rather Be at the Beach

The beauty of Airfield Supply Co. being located adjacent to the airport is that you can stop and pick up some quality California Cannabis products and be on your way to the beach in a matter of minutes. Convenience and quality combine at Airfield Supply Co. to make your California Cannabis Experience that much nicer.

New Airfield Website

5. You Can Order Online

Airfield Supply Co. just completely redid their website and it is looking great! Easy to navigate and full of all of our favorite goodies, you can start your California Cannabis Experience by shopping for some cookies at Airfield Supply Co., HERE: NEW WEBSITE!!!