Top Three Reasons to Eat Edibles Outdoors

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1.) Make Exercising More Fun

Many people find going for a hike a good way to get some exercise. This article published by Mental Floss lists "11 Scientific Benefits of Being Outdoors." Those reasons alone are enough to convince us to go for a hike, but when you add in some delicious cannabis infused cookies, it becomes even more fun. Of course you want to be careful whenever you eat edibles or when you exercise outdoors, so you certainly want to make a good safe plan for your cannabis infused hike. Find a good trail, bring plenty of water, and enjoy all the benefits of getting baked in the open air.

2. Avoid the Crowds

One of the benefits of eating edibles outdoors is that it can be a great way for some people to reduce stress. In addition to the fresh air, the Vitamin D, the cardio vascular exercise, you also have the peaceful quiet of the forest with the sounds of birds and the creek in the distance to calm your tired nerves.

3. Slow Down and Enjoy Being Stoned

One of the things about edibles is that it can take up to 30 minutes to kick in and it might not reach full effect for awhile longer. Therefore, it is always good to plan your time when you eat edibles so that you can choose the right dose at the right time to fit in with your plans. When you set out on a hike, you have the opportunity to both enhance your enjoyment of the great outdoors and to give yourself time to enjoy the feeing of being stoned on cannabis infused edibles.

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