Tourmaline Beach Clean-Up Recap July '21

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Good Times at Tourmaline

We co-hosted our first SoCal Beach Clean-Up July 24th at Tourmaline Beach with Urbn Leaf and Community Sponsors, including: Full Spectrum Republic, HERBL, bloomnetwork, and Weed. It was a beautiful day, the waves were breaking, the sun was shining and there was the smell of something good in the air. It was a combination of good weed and good intentions. 

Good Weed

Cannabis connects our community, and it's fun to come together to share our love of weed in service of the ocean and its wildlife we adore. We love the ocean critters and we know that every time we get together to collect trash, it adds to the general efforts of ocean conservation that we value and respect. 

Good Deeds

Giving back to the community is important. It's how we take care of each other. we are stoked that so many people want to get involved in cleaning up the beaches and learning more about ocean conservation. Some of our favorite organizations promoting good stewardship of the ocean include: Surfrider Foundation and Save Our Shores. Check out their websites to learn more about how you can get involved.

Great Video

We were stoked when our friends at Weed sent us this link to their awesome Beach Clean-Up video. Check it out!



Stay tuned for more announcements about a Clean-Up coming to a beach near you. Till, then, you can buy our cookies, HERE: BUY ONLINE!