Cookie Queens: Women in Cannabis at Big Pete's

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Kate and Kailey: 2 Cookie Queens

Big Pete started an edibles company back in 2010 to get people stoned, but also to create a business for his family. He has built a brand that benefits both his son Pete Jr. and his daughter Kate as well as a growing team of cookie lovers.

When Kate joined forces with Big Pete's Treats, the brand became more women friendly. Along with Kailey Morgan (AKA @shessolventless), and all of the other wonderful women involved in building the brand, they have helped Big Pete's Treats to become a leader in the world of cannabis edibles catered to women. In this blog, we introduce Kate Feurtado and Kailey Morgan, two of our key Cookie Queens.

Kate Feurtado

Cookie Queen Kate

We asked Kate some questions about her experience helping to build a cannabis brand. Here's what she had to say.

What is it like to be a woman in the Cannabis Industry?

It's great. I love it because there's not a ton of us, so the powerful ones dominate the space.

Is it more of a challenge or an advantage?

I find it to be an advantage.

What would make the Cannabis Industry friendlier to women?

Women deserve more respect.

What can you tell me about the event you are hosting with Green Street?

It is a Women in Cannabis event. It's a safe space to get together and share stories and our love of the plant. This is the 2nd Women in Cannabis event we've hosted. The last one was a huge hit at Dr. Greenthumbs. We're excited to be working with Green St. in the Downtown LA area and we expect 100-150 women to attend.

Amazing, and what can the attendees expect?

 We have one hundred gift bags for the first hundred women and they are stuffed with all kinds of amazing products from participating brands. We will be hosting another event this Spring in Northern California and are looking for good venues to host the event and brands who would like to participate. It's a great chance to get your product in front of some very influential women. All women in the industry are invited. Stay tuned and RSVP early for the next event.

Very cool. So, Kate, you moved down to Los Angeles to help expand the brand's footprint. How has that been going? 

I moved down here two and a half years ago and it has been really fun learning about all of the business and expanding our reach.

What about influencers. LA is known for influencers. Have you had any cool experiences? 

Oh yeah, those are always fun. I recently attended a Weed Maps party with Cheech and Chong. The first time I met them I didn't even know who they were, but my dad had me watch Up in Smoke and that's one of my favorite movies now. They are so classic and are really cool guys in person. I got to call dad up this year and tell him that I was watching the Super Bowl with Cheech and Chong. He got a kick out of that. 

It's been amazing working with B Real and his crew. They have a lot of fun people working with them and they are always plugged into some fun event. They threw an amazing afterparty at Hall of Flowers last year and people are LOVING the Insane Churro cookies. Definitely a highlight to work with them.

Nice. Speaking of delicious flavors, what is your favorite flavor right now? 

My favorite flavor changes as we get new releases, but right now it is Strawberry Coconut. They are chewy and moist and just taste so good. They stay fresh for a long time and are hitters! They are also vegan and are a healthier option.

I also love Birthday Cake Cookies and we made them originally at my request. I wanted something that was a little more appealing to women, and the response has been amazing.

Yes! Those are both delicious choices. What about music? Are you looking forward to seeing any music this year?

Find me at Coachella this year just soaking up the whole experience. I have never been and while I love LA I think that Miami is calling, so this is my year to go to Coachella.

Miami! Nice. So, you've adapted pretty well to living in big cities?

I love the energy of cosmopolitan cities. There's always something to do, somewhere to try some new food, places to take people when they visit. I also love the opportunity to expand the brand. I am taking the reins on our expansion into Florida, so I'm very excited about that. If you need me, I'll be on a MOFO yacht!

Last question: if you could smoke with anyone in the world, who would it be?

My dad! He's the best. I wish I was smoking a joint with him right now.

Cookie Queen Kailey "She's Solventless"

What is your story with the plant?

At 15 years old, I was packaging 215 edibles in my aunt's garage and selling the broken ones at school earning myself “the cookie girl” title. Was it destiny that I would be here 15 years later running sales for the largest cannabis cookie company in the nation, probably. I have been blessed to work closely with the cannabis plant over the years through regenerative farming, solventless hash production, retail sales and edible manufacturing. But besides the working aspect, I have a profound love and appreciation for plant medicine and incorporate it into my life every single day.


When did it become an important part of your life?

Cannabis has always been an important part of my life but a transformative moment for me because of cannabis was the opportunity at a young age to be the brand and marketing development as well as purchaser of a brand new cannabis dispensary. The store was named Redwood Coast Collective and I deemed us the “Solventless Central” where we focused on pure, clean, quality medicine. We grew to be the only cannabis collective in California with a large solventless only menu and held classes on safe mechanical extraction & regenerative farming practices.


What is one of your peak moments with Cannabis?

A peak moment for me with cannabis would be the 2016 Emerald Cup, the last one before legalization. The Emerald Cup is overall my favorite cannabis event but this specific year I was helping 3rd Gen Family Farms, a highly decorated solventless hash company, who ended up taking home 6 awards that year! It was an epic event filled with industry pioneers, endless education and of course, world-class cannabis.


What does Solventless mean to you?

Solventless extraction to me is isolating the nectar of the cannabis plant in its most purest natural form. What I love about solventless extraction is that it is the most authentic representation of the cannabis terpenes and does not require the use of flammable solvents.


What are your top 5 Solventless brands?

Back in the 215 days, some of my favorite brands were: 3rd Gen Family Moonshine Melts, Full Flava Extracts, Shaman Solventless Extracts, Boo Boo’s Bubble, & Mellow Fellow Extracts. 

Today, on the recreational market, some of the companies I support are: Have Hash, Kalya Extracts, REZN Extracts, Hash And Flowers, 710 Extracts, & Papa Select.


Solventless Influencers:

Mila Jansen (Hash Queen) - @milahashqueen

Frenchy Cannoli (Master Hashishin) - @frenchycannoli

Nikka T (Founder of Essential Extracts)- @nikka__t

3rd Gen Family Farms (Highly Decorated Solventless Company) - @3rd_gen_familyfarm

The Dank Dutchess (Solventless Consultant) - @thedankdutchess


What is your key role with Big Pete’s Treats?

I am the Cookie Queen of the North! I wear many hats, or should I say crown, with the Big Pete’s family but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My current title is Northern California Regional Sales Manager but with that I oversee distribution statewide, marketing, merchandising, as well as product & packaging development. When I started with the Pete’s, we were scooping every cookie by hand and could only fit 3 trays in our oven at a time. Now we produce 10,000 to 20,000 cookies a day with an oven that can fit a whole baking rack in it!


What are your superpowers?

I have high energy and I come into meetings fully present and ready to do my best. I pride myself in giving quality customer service with genuine interactions. It is important to me to show up for my team with a positive and problem solving mindset. I also take the time to honor and appreciate the beautiful cannabis plant along with the people who have pioneered where the industry is today. Support small companies, women run, & black owned businesses!


What are three things you are excited about with Big Pete’s this year?

  1. New product launches!! - We have been busy in the kitchen developing more delicious treats and cannot wait to share what we have been cooking up.
  2. Women in Cannabis Events - My fellow cookie queen, Katie Feurtado, and I have been hosting Goddesses In Ganja evenings to appreciate the women of our canna-industry with a night full of fun and of course lots of cannabis.
  3. Beach Clean Up - The Big Pete’s brand hosts beach clean ups all along the coast of California. These are a wonderful time to connect with fellow cannabis connoisseurs while preserving our precious shores.