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giving back to the community with beach clean up days

Beach Clean-Up Events

Join us in removing trash from California’s beaches as a way of tending to our beautiful coastal environment.

Way back in high school, Big Pete led a project to clean up Santa Cruz’s iconic Lighthouse Field, and this spirit has continued into our current efforts to encourage good works in our community. By preventing litter from getting into the Monterey Bay, we protect marine wildlife, preserve a beautiful place and connect with our environment. To date, Big Pete’s Treats has mobilized volunteers to collect litter from 26th Avenue beach, Lighthouse Field, Sunny Cove, Cowell’s, Twin Lakes, Highlands Park and Seabright beaches.

Follow us on social media to receive updates on the next beach clean-up events. 2019 Beach Clean days include May 18 in San Diego, July 14 in Santa Cruz and September 21 in Venice Beach and September 22 in Port Huemene.

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Surf Life

Big Pete loves surfing, so we sponsor promising local surfers as a way to support the local culture that makes Santa Cruz so special.

Drake Stanley and Chad Underhill are two surfers that Big Pete’s Treats has sponsored, and we’re always looking for new talent! We’ll be working with local surf organizations to preserve this way of life, supporting surf programs for kids and keeping our beaches clean and tidy.